Dietary Analysis

1. Record information: on your dietary intake for 2 days, during the week and on the weekend (one of each). You want to include everything you consume during that time frame (sweets beverages, meals). You also want to use to record your food intake & beverages over the span of both days. Click on food intake and begin recording all of your food intakes over the span of 2 days (weekday & weekend.) Google “supertracker” and open the website to create a profile.

2. Analysis:Make sure to follow all directions with (click on super tracker to get started.) Print the following reports: (1) Nutrient Intake Report (each day must be inputted and printed separate) (2) Food Groups & Calories Report or View By Meals Report (each day must be inputted and printed separate.)

You can save those online table and graphs in to a Microsoft Word file. You also need to write one page of analysis. You can talk about your dietary stats( over consuming, lack of sth.) Physical and mental difference after doing the diet.

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