Development of a Healthcare Business Unit’s Startegy Development of a Healthcare Business Unit’s…

Development of a Healthcare Business Unit’s Startegy

Development of a Healthcare Business Unit’s Strategy
Note: Use this template to organize your work. Make sure your final paper (6-8 pages) follows APA guidelines with a title page, reference page, in text citations, double space throughout, indent paragraphs 5 spaces and use section headers to differentiate the sections.
1. Research a health care organization you found. Describe this organization including:
a. General description of the healthcare organization, specifically what service they provide
b. The mission statement of the organization. If there is not one, create one.
c. The financial state of the organization justified with examples of their historical and current financial position

2. List the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for this organization
a. Strengths:

b. Weaknesses:

c. Opportunities:
d. Threats
3. Describe assets (at least two) that are unique to this company that gives it some competitive advantage over its rivals:
4. Describe an area in which the organization is weak, which might be the target of strategic attacks:
5. Describe one activity from the value chain that you believe incurs the largest portion of costs. What are the factors that drive the cost? What can be done to reduce this cost and give the organization a competitive edge, without reducing its value?

6. Describe how the satellite office will work:
a. Develop its mission statement

b. Considering that the corporate office would like the satellite office to try out strategic goals that would addresses each of the SWOT areas, develop a strategic goal for each SWOT area:
i. Strategic Goal to address Strengths:

ii. Strategic Goal to address Weaknesses:
iii. Strategic Goal to address Opportunities:
iv. Strategic Goal to address Threats:
7. References. You should include at least three outside resources in your final paper.


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