Developing the background and landscape sections

Now we begin getting into the meat of this analysis. You will develop the background and landscape sections of the paper on the policy issue. The background should inform the reader why the problem has been identified for analysis. You should clearly outline why the issue is important and the need to address it at this time. Because the background provides information necessary for understanding the issue, it will be important to consider the intended audience, a legislator, in its construction. Additionally, the background should include whatever factual information is needed to assess the options being presented. As the background section is informational in nature, the material should be mostly fact-based and not partisan or argumentative. It should simply state the necessary information (Teitelbaum & Wilensky, 2015).

The landscape section of the Health Policy Analysis provides the overall context for the analysis. It identifies key stakeholders and the factors which must be considered in addressing the policy issue. The section can be organized by stakeholder or by key factors; however, it is important to identify which stakeholders support a particular view or solution. The tone of the section should be neutral and not argumentative or persuasive. Box 14-1 on page 284 of the text provides a list of possible factors to consider in the landscape section and can be of great value in the development of this section of the analysis.

  1. Review chapter 14 of Essentials of Health Policy and Law.
  2. Review information gathered for the Annotated Bibliography
  3. Prepare a 3-5 page paper addressing the Background of the policy issue under consideration.
    1. In the paper address the following:
    2. The importance of the issue.
    3. The need to address the issue at this point in time.
    4. Factual information needed to form a complete picture of the issue.
    5. Relevant political, social, economic, practical, legal, and quality-of-care factors. You may need to prioritize if you issue touches on a large number of areas.
    6. Factual information needed to form a complete picture of the policy environment
    7. Landscape – The paper is clear and insightful identifying key stakeholders and interest groups along with their position or views. There is presentation of relevant factors of the policy landscape and is written for the intended audience.

  1. Be sure to consider the audience in the formulation of this Background and Landscape section.
  2. Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA formatting.
  3. Include title and reference pages.
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