Dealing with the challenges that high school chemistry students have when learning chemical compounds, chemistry project help


Your task is to create a chemical compound brochure that will be used to teach high schools students about a specific chemical compound. 


You are a graphic designer who has been hired to design and create a graphically appealing brochure that teaches high school chemistry students about the history, properties, and characteristics of a specific chemical compound. 


The target audience is a high school chemistry class. 


The challenge involves dealing with the challenges that high school chemistry students have when learning chemical compounds.  You must make sure the brochure is informative and interesting for these students. 

Product, Performance, and Purpose

You need to develop a brochure so that the students can gain knowledge of your compound.  You may select any compound you want as long as it is something that is found in an everyday substance.  The brochure must contain the following information: 

  • compound name (common and scientific)
  • chemical formula
  • picture of the compound
  • uses of the compound 
  • 3-D model of the compound
  • historical background, story of discovery (name, date, place, experiment)
  • melting point
  • boiling point
  • density in natural state

Standards and Criteria for Success

  • need three sources  (not Wikipedia or any search engine)
  • make sure your name is on the brochure
  • spelling and grammar count
  • do not cut and paste text!!
  • should be bullets and not long sentences
  • be creative!

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