De Anza College Climate Change and Storms Paper

Storms → Heavy downpour, Heavy Wind happening more often

  1. Explain what the topic is. There has been a lot more storms as of late, some claim this to be proof of climate change, while others argue it’s a natural pattern or cycle. Give Both sides
  2. Explain what side your on
  3. Explain storms and cite data showing an increase in storms, give 3 examples
  4. Offer the counter argument: extreme changes in weather have been happening for centuries
  5. Say why the counter argument is wrong
  6. Restate the beginning

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In these days, storms have been more common and these storms become more and more powerful. People have destroyed homes, lost business, and lost money for rebuilding their property. Therefore, some people start to believe climate change is happening and the climate change is causing the storms. On the other side, some people did not agree with this argument. They thought the storms have always happened and it is only the period of the cycle. The storms are more common in this period and they will reduce the frequency after this cycle. In my opinion, I believe that climate change is real and making extreme weather more than previously.

Paragraph 1

Example 1— Pick two storms specifically and say the damage they caused

Cite the evidence, storms are more frequent than they have been in the past and storms are more damaging than they have been in the past.

why it is because of the climate change instead of cycle. What is the difference between the past and the present in regards to storms

Paragraph 2 → the counter argument→ it’s a natural cycle, it’ll even out in the long run

Paragraph 3 → No the counter argument is wrong because … evidence

Summarize what you said in the essay

2 pages.

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