Cultural & Ethnic Studies: EVENT DISCUSSION

CURRENT EVENT DISCUSSION 1One of the best ways to learn how race functions in our society is to look at what is happening in the world around us. So for parts of this quarter, we will take the time to have discussions about current events that have happened during the last 6 months in The United States.So the directions for participation in the Current Events Discussions are as follows:Take the time to look at the internet and find an article that shows how race functions in the United States. Stick to the U.S. as this is the focus of the class.1. Each student is to use the link button once you hit reply, and upload the URL for the article that you have found. After uploading your article, write/post a short paragraph which summarizes your article and then tell your classmates why you think race is important in our article.2. Then each students is to read at least three (3) of the articles and summaries that your fellow students have posted, and write a short one paragraph (at least 4 sentences) that responds to the articles that your class mates are posting. You must respond to at least 3 different articles, but feel free to post as many responses as you wish.You will be graded for a total of 4 posts, one article summary and 3 responses to classmates articles.

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