Cultural Competence Development Plan Draft, health and medicine homework help

For this assignment, consider a scenario in which you are a hired health care consultant and need to present a draft of your Cultural Competence Development Plan. You should consider previous coursework as well as material covered in this course as you develop the selected health care organization’s cultural competence plan.

Read the Cultural Competence Development Plan course project description, and prepare a draft of at least five pages, making sure to include the following:

  • Population background for cultural group(s) selected:
    • Cultural characteristics considered, such as values, beliefs, traditions, folktales, and attitudes toward health care.
    • Organization and cultural group consideration for health care needs: Assess health care disparities, including disease prevalence and barriers to health care.
  • Assessment tools and considerations:
    • Effective communications and continuum of care.
    • Training, education, and application or practice for the workforce.
    • Assessing the diversity of the workforce.
  • Development, design, and execution of culturally competent health care plan.

Paper Requirements

  • The paper should be written and formatted using APA Citing and Referencing Guidelines.
  • Microsoft Word is required and font type is 10 point Arial or 12 point Times New Roman with 1″ margins.
  • Your draft must have at least three references in APA format and in alphabetical order.
  • The paper must also include the following:
    • Cover Page.
    • Abstract (can be title only for the draft).
    • Table of Contents (draft).

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