CSU Geysers and Hot Springs paper

Topic of paper is about geysers and hot springs

Earth Science 120 Project:

Please remember that this topic needs to be geology related. So, if you picked a broad topic such as oceanography or political issues, I shouldn’t be hearing/reading solely about whales or democrats vs.republicans. I should hear, rather, about ocean currents or fracking, to give a single example from each area.Some sort of visual is required. If you need photocopies or lab equipment, see me or contact me ahead of time.You will need to turn in a hard copy of the presentation(notes/outline used) A works cited page listing all resources used(Internet, print or personal contacts)using an accepted college format is required. This page should include all sources used in your paper. And your presentation and DO NOT count as part of the 6-8 pages.Title pages are NOT necessary and DO NOT count as part of the 6-8 pages . Spelling , grammar and formatting are important. If you are working by yourself, your paper will cover some of the same information you presented, but may go more in-depth on certain issues that you didn’t have time to cover in the presentation

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