Critical Thinking Unit 1 and 6

Unit 1

1.Identify examples of various relationship among elements of the ecosystem.

2.Discuss basic environmental principles that control or influence behaviors and actions within the ecosystem.

3.Based on 2nd law of thermodynamic, do like to eat  fish or shrimp? Why?

4.Explain how to make DC more sustainable city in water resources management.

5.What is 1st and 2nd Law of thermodynamic and how do they apply to urban water quality management?

6.Explain point and non-point source of pollution. Which one is difficult to regulate?

7.Water is the only chemical that has three phases at ambient temperature. What is the importance of this unique property for the existence of life on earth?

8.Plot a graph of dissolved oxygen level in a eutrophic lake for 24 hours of hot summer.

9.Controlling water pollution is controlling human activities.  Explain.

10.What is the source and sink of DO in surface waters? How can we increase DO in a slow-moving-polluted river.

11.Does pollution affect the formation of cloud and rain? How?

Unit 6

1.Plot the diagram of wastewater treatment concept. Explain the concept of biological wastewater treatment process.

2.In the wastewater treatment process, why grit removal was required prior to biological removal?

3.What is the difference between primary and secondary treatment?

4.Why advanced treatment is needed?

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