course project 2 Mechanics, health and medicine homework help

In this part of your project you will complete a written, narrative analysis of your research. As part of this analysis you will create a table to demonstrate the changes in the two periods of time. To download the project table template, click period tableView in a new window. Be sure to fully populate this template. You are required to use at least four (4) credible sources for your research. Include the requirements listed below in your completed table and accompanying narrative analysis.

  • Mechanics: Your table should be free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • An appropriate length for the narrative is a minimum of 250 words.
  • Content: The information you present should be accurate, well organized and logical. Write clearly and concisely. The table should include the following sections:
    • General Climate (focus on what impacted the healthcare sub-system you selected)

      What were the healthcare expectations of key stakeholders in the previous period? How did the perceptions of each stakeholder (listed below) drive change within the healthcare sub-system you’ve elected to make the focus of your table and narrative analysis?

      • Population
      • Healthcare providers
      • Employers
      • Insurance industry
      • Managed care industry
    • General Description of Chosen Healthcare Subsystem Compare and contrast the data of each decade to address the following information in relation to healthcare subsystem:
      • What were the expectations of the healthcare consumer with regard to the quality of care, access, financing, and lifestyle? How have they changed?
      • How has the role of the healthcare providers (i.e. administrators, physicians, and nurses) changed due to external factors (i.e. reimbursement, politics, professional organizations, and patients)?
      • What type of technology was available to consumers/healthcare organizations? How has that changed?
      • What were the concerns about the safety of patient information? How has that changed?
      • Where and how was healthcare delivered? How has that changed?
    • Reimbursement Compare and contrast the data of each decade and sub-system to address the following information in relation to reimbursement:
      • What were the various means of reimbursement in each first period and how did they change?
      • Describe the level of government intervention in the first period and explain what has changed.
      • What were three reimbursement issues? How have those changed?
    • Narrative Analysis: This final component should be a summary of the key points of your research. It should identify major trends, the changes that occurred between decades, the similarities between the decades, and your overall impression. What surprised you the most about the information you uncovered about that sub-system and the two decades. Have we really come that far when you take all of the information into account from one decade to another?
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