Country of Study:- Sweden

Socioeconomic Factors is the next section of your electronic portfolio on your country of study. It should include, but is not limited to, as summary of the following:

A. Ethnic and religious groups
B. Education/literacy
C. Infrastructure (roads, air travel, water transportation, etc.)
D. Role of women
E. National and per capital income
F. Science and technology
G. Rate and extent of poverty
H. Homlessness
I. Hunger
Your task is to first research the socioeconomic status of your country using on-line and/or library resources. Next write a summary of your findings presenting your information in an interesting way. Don’t forget to cite all of the information that your paraphrase from any given source. Include your list of references at the end of each portfolio profile. Each portfolio assignment must be supported by a minimum of 3 references to earn full credit.

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