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You are appointed as a project manager in a residential apartment constructed in Al Hail, Oman. The project is a multi-storeyed building with all facilities .The overall covering area is around 6500 m 2 and the duration of the project will be 8 months and the contractual arrangements includes extension of time, loss and expense, collateral warrantees, performance bonds, impact of Provisional Sums and Prime Cost Sums on construction program.

The students are asked submit a report (not less than 10) pages to discuss construction contracts and contract management pertaining to obligations of various parties, contract administration, various contracts requirements and interrelationships between disciplines of the construction. With referencing to the case study, the report must discuss and cover the following information:

  • Comparison between standard forms and nonstandard forms of contract and justify which forms of contract can be suitable for your case study.
  • Evaluate the obligations of persons involved in the project and link the contractual interrelationships in case study with suitable diagrams.
  • Contract administration by discussing the following sections of:
  • Bonds and Insurance in contract
  • Delay’s analysis and extension of time.
  • Loss and expenses.
  • Provisional Sums and Prime Cost Sums on construction program.
  • Discuss the detailed requirements of various contracts and justify the most appropriate contract for your case study

Part A

  • Proposal submit within 24 hr.

The CW proposal may include:

• CW inputs (given data): May be written in paragraph wise or in bullets, which topic student have selected what has to be done in this assignment. (Few sentences are enough).

• CW outputs: Short paragraph (or bullets) to summarize the expected outputs of the assignment. (Analysis, calculations, discussion, research on.., etc)

• Tools: Short paragraph to mention the required tool for this assignment. (Software, Lab instruments, site visit, survey, journals, textbooks…etc) that has to be used to prepare the CW and why this tool?

• Time Plan: A student has to submit a brief schedule to show the possibility of finishing the assignment before the due date.

• Others (if any)

Note: one or two pages are enough to write the proposal.

Part B submission within 7 days

  • Abstract (maximum 1/2 page)
  • Table of content
  • Introduction (maximum 2 pages)
  • Report body (10 pages)
  • Conclusions (maximum 1/2 page)
  • References

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