Conservation of Angular Momentum, physics homework help

Write a lab report by following this requirements

  • Objective:
  • What is the purpose of the lab? What will the lab demonstrate?
  • Theory:
  • The theory that will be demonstrated and how it will potentially be demonstrated. Discuss the lab’s apparatus and its involvement in this experiment.
  • Formulas used:
  • Discuss the formulas of theory, label each of the variables of formulas and how the data will be used and applied to experiment.
  • Data:
  • Graphs, tables, and relevant numbers. Label all data such as: Axis titles and the title of graphs etc.
  • Data discussion:
  • Show all calculations and discuss the behavior of the data. How do the formulas or theory relate to the data? If applicable percent difference or percent error.
  • Conclusion:
  • Summary of theory, data and application; this should be the pertinent things you’ve observed or learned from this experiment.
  • Discussion:
  • How can this experiment be improved? Why error occurred?
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