Community Assessment Paper, health and medicine homework help

APA format is to be followed. Most papers will be 16-20 pages.

This is for the Community of Rosedale, Mississippi

Below is the outline that the paper needs to  follow.

Attached is a data Collection Survey that has been done for the Paper.

Community Paper Outline

I.Boundaries of the community (describe each of the areas below)



C.Social interaction and/or common goals, interests, or characteristics

II.Aggregate Characteristics: Demographics and Socio-cultural characteristics 

A.Age Range and Mean

B.Gender Distribution

C.Racial/Ethnic Distribution

D.Socioeconomic class

E.Marital status


G.Social organizations represented

III.Identify health care resources available to this aggregate

A.Health services-resources

B.Health care facilities 

C.Health information

D.How are members educated/socialized related to health issues?

E.Funding for health services/education/facilities for the aggregate

F.How accessible, adequate, and appropriate are services, facilities,
finances and education for this aggregate?

G.What are aggregates’ attitudes about health and health care

H.What priority do aggregate members place on health?

IV.Health Assessment of Aggregate

A.Leading causes of mortality for this aggregate 

 B.Leading causes of morbidity for this aggregate
                        Identify any pre-symptomatic health problems that may be expected

C.What are risky health behaviors within aggregate?

Who are the most vulnerable groups within the aggregate?

D.Actual health problems or needs of aggregate

E.Potential health problems or needs of aggregate

F.How well is aggregate working to meet its’ own health needs?

G.Proposed action to meet health needs of aggregate

 V.Political System within the Aggregate

A.What is the basic organizational structure?

B.Who are the formal and informal leaders?

C.What is the pattern of decision-making?

D.What methods of social control are used?

E.Strengths and weakness of aggregate


A.Nonverbal: What is the “personality” of the community?
                                    What clubs and organizations are present?

B.Verbal: What is the pattern of communication?
                                                Who communicates with whom and when?
                                                How adequate is the communication?


A.Health related traditions of aggregate 

 B.Does the aggregate provide guidelines for behavior of its members?


A.What is the quality of the physical environment of aggregate?

1.Air Supply

2.Water Supply





7.Pest/Infection Control



B.What is quality of social environment of aggregate?
                                    2.Emotional Tone

                        4.Social Services/Support Groups

  • Identify one major health concern of this aggregate (how do you know)?
    Describe fully and write an appropriate community nursing diagnosis with a goal and at 2-3 objectives.
  • Proposed BSN level action to address major health concern of aggregate (should include your teaching project component but also other actions may be included) See Chapter 7 & 8

A.Research based action.  Include in the text of your paper a one-page summation (each) of at least two nursing research articles that are related to your health concern and proposed community action. Be sure that they are applicable to your community.  (Submit copies of the articles as a separate item)

 B.Program Evaluation – How will you evaluate your project?  

  • Conclusion
  • References

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