Clinical Transformation Internet Search

  1. Conduct an Internet search on “clinical transformation.” Establish a definition of this term and seek out companies who market this as a service.
  2. Identify 3-5 varying consulting companies/vendors and research their approaches to clinical transformation.
  3. Investigate the performance of the identified companies in the KLAS database ( Go to , click on Join Now…. (Will provide details on a log in information once I get a response from a trusted tutor)
  4. Develop a 5-10 page paper defining “clinical transformation,” summarizing each company’s approach (e.g. consider their methodologies, cost and time estimates if available, utilization and structure of project teams, management involvement, attention to change and transition management, etc.), and analyzing information found in the KLAS system. NOTE: If a company or vendor that you chose is not identified in KLAS, just note that in your paper. It is common for a vendor to not be listed but exploring KLAS is very interesting in regard to reviewing client perceptions of various vendors so I hope you get a chance to do that.
  5. At the end of your paper, summarize your own thoughts regarding clinical transformation and these varying approaches. Do you feel they could be successful? What are their obvious flaws, if any? Are there major similarities or differences among them? Is there something in particular that impacted you as you thought about each approach?
  6. Include a bibliography using APA style.
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