CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY and submit a report including the following obtained from the American Psychological Association official organization website ( and one other occupation related website (e.g. the Occupational Outlook Handbook online) related to the sub-specialties (the latter must be professional and not commercial sites): The type of work in which professionals within a particular sub-specialty engage. The educational preparation and training the sub-specialty requires. Any professional license or certification required, and how it is obtained, before one may practice within the sub-specialty (if these are not required, this must be noted in the paper). A description of a professional organization supporting the sub-specialty (e.g. National Council on Family Relations, NCFR, supports the sub-specialty of Developmental Psychology). A brief paragraph at the end of each paper explaining the student’s interest, or lack of interest, in the sub-specialty based on learning obtained while researching it. Students may determine which thee sub-specialty professions they write about during a particular week, but all of the sub-specialties must be covered by the end of Week 5. This assignment must be completed per the course general writing standards.

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