Climate Change Science and Policy Conference, environmental science homework help

watch the video of Fred Keeley Lectures and

  1. Once you have watched a climate change conference panel, complete the prompt below, and submit your response.

Write a minimum 400 word response that relates what we have discussed in class to the issues and challenges discussed in the panel/talk you have chosen to write about.

Try to discuss the topic of the panel using terms and concepts that we have discussed in class (e.g., efficiency standard, safety standard, sustainability, supply and demand, open access problem, free riding, efficient vs. inefficient, consumer behavior, benefits and costs, social welfare, externalities, prices, quantity, various policy tools, etc.)

To receive full credit, your response must include the following:

  1. The title of the panel
  2. What is the primary challenge or topic discussed in the panel (describe the challenge)?
  3. What or who has contributed to this problem (e.g., environmental factors and human consumption, production, infrastructure etc.)?
  4. What are some potential policy solutions for the issue discussed?

if you can’t access the film, please let know.

and in this paper, i want you use simple language.

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