Choose one of the five food hearths, assignment help

here are 8 questions about geography of food, each of this should be answered completely and in detail. i need 3000 words answer for those questions in total. this is my final exam, please make sure you can do it.
  1. Choose one of the five food hearths. Discuss a meal that you might create made primarily from ingredients available in your chosen hearth.
  2. During the course, we discussed a number of foods that began in a food hearth then more or less spread worldwide. Trace one such food to places where it is grown today. Create and discuss a three course meal using your chosen food wherein each dish represents a different continent.
  3. Drawing on readings from both the first portion of the course and that on Slow Food from the waning days of the course, discuss the proposition that “food makes family.”
  4. Choose a region of the world. Briefly describe its geography and principal foodstuffs. Create and describe (including a list of ingredients) a four course meal from this region. Note: You cannot use the regions from the midterm (if you forgot what those were then check the Discussion).
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of jobs in the restaurant focusing first on the front end and then on the kitchen.
  6. In thinking about the trajectory of the restaurant industry, one could argue that each new trend (e.g. cuisine minceur vs. traditional haute cuisine) solved a problem embedded in the cuisine that came before it. Using this idea discuss the interrelation of the restaurant movements
  7. Please answer the following: 1 oz. of 45% (90 proof) alcohol is the equivalent of how much wine and how much beer? If you served 3 courses per hour, each with wine, how much wine would you serve at each course? If you served beer instead, how much beer would you serve with each course? covered in class. They were haute, minceur, fusion, nouvelle, modernist and Nordic.
  8. In thinking about the class this semester, what is the most important thing you felt you learned? Alternatively, what element of the class do you see sticking with you and changing the way you think about food or the way you cook in the future?

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