Choose a piece of media. How is chemistry used or incorporated?





The Prompt:

Chemistry in Popular Culture

worth up to 25 points

▪Choose a piece of media (TV or online show, movie, book, comic, magazine article, song, podcast, artwork, etc.); or, alternatively, choose a hobby or activity in which you participate.

  • ▪ Briefly describe the piece of media or activity.
  • ▪ Discuss how chemistry plays a role in the piece of media or activity you chose. How is chemistry used or incorporated?
    What specific areas of chemistry are involved (physical properties, the scientific method, reactions of compounds, etc.)?
    For works of fiction, are chemical principles represented correctly? The Details:
  • ▪ The assignment is worth up to 25 bonus points. A rush job on the assignment may only receive partial credit, while a submission that shows strong effort to discuss the prompt will likely receive full credit.
  • The assignment should be typed, written in full sentences, with correct grammar and spelling.
  • ▪There is no set word-count or page-count for this assignment. I estimate the average paper will be approximately 500 words (about one full page single-spaced, or two pages double-spaced). The content of the paper is more important than length.
    ▪You are welcome to include additional materials (quotes, images, pictures) to support your writing. Make sure these materials do not take the place of your own words discussing them. You must include a source for all borrowed images or words.
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