Child Growth , Development and Language Class week 1

Aslin’s models of environmental influenceRefer to the five models of environmental influence in Figure 1.1. For each example below, fill in the correct type of environmental influence.1. Angela’s parents have done leg exercises with her every day. At 10-months-old, she starts to walk independently. This is an example of ___________________.2. For his 10th birthday, Jordan’s parents buy him a ping-pong table. By the time he is 11-years-old, he is quite good at the game. This is an example of ______________________ .3. At age 14, Adam notices that his voice is starting to change. This is an example of ______________________ .4. Tamara’s mother made sure to eat very nutritiously while she was pregnant. Also, her parents have always fed her extremely healthy food. Although her parents are both under 5 1⁄2 feet tall, Tamara grows to be 5 feet and 10 inches. This is an example of _________________ .5. Maria is born deaf. Around 6 months of age she begins to babble, however this behavior soon begins to fade. In this example, _________________ did not occur as expected.

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