Chemistry Pre-lab And Lab report..

I need two things:

1) Chemistry Pre lab for experiment 4..

2) Chemistry lab report for experiment 4.. ( see attached experiment )

1) Pre lab instructions:

– Experiment title

– Apparatus

– Chemicals

– Safety precautions

– Methodology for part 1, 2, and 3

– Procedure

– Waste disposal

2) lab report instructions:

– Experiment no and Title

– Summary of principles

– pre-lab questions

– Equations and Mechanisms

– Overview of apparatus and supplies

– Table of chemicals and their physical properties

– Outline of the experimental procedures ( Please paraphrase it, Don’t copy it from the experiment )

– Safety precautions

– Experimental procedures and Observation, this section as you perform the experiment

– Results and Discussion

– Conclusion

– Post-lab questions

Note: there are one more Images I could not upload due to size limit..

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