Chapter 1 Exploring the Attitudes about the Changing American Family Paper

First, you will need and are required to read chapter 1 in our textbook.

Submit your discussion posts using the reply arrow below. Be sure to share complete thoughts, examples, and answer the questions above in a way that promotes further discussion with each other.

You can write personally in first person and your posts are expected to be in essay/paragraph form. DO NOT present your wok in question/answer (Q&A) format; always essay unless otherwise noted. Keep it conversational and follow the expectations for Class Discussions as addressed in Module 0.

As always remember to:

  • Integrate course material from chapter 1 to support and explain your views. The objective of these posts is for you to present an INFORMED opinion.
  • You will need to post to at least 4 other classmates of your choosing (1 point each for a total of a 4).
  • Use proper APA formatting when citing a source within your posts and providing a reference list. Failure to do so will result in a deduction. Any time you have a question regarding formatting, please see the post I created about APA formatting in our announcements page. Please Note: you will need to cite the pew study along with the chapter in your reference list.
  • Keep in mind: your original post to this prompt is worth up to 10 points and your 4 peer responses are worth up to 4 points. This makes the total points for this discussion worth 14 points.
  • Also remember to review class discussion expectations in Module 0.

These are the exact grading rubric questions I will be using to assess each student’s post to every class discussion:

  • Was the student’s work posted on time, well-written and developed using proper spelling and grammar so as to demonstrate the student’s best work?
  • Did the student present an informed opinion through effective use of course material in addition to any experience(s), beliefs and/or observations to support and explain their views and perspective on the subject matter so as to demonstrate comprehension of course information as well as thoughtfulness and reflection about their own life and observations?
  • Did the student address all questions posed thoroughly and directly and provide proper citations and references for all sources used in their post using APA formatting?
  • Respond to two others in the class and provide meaningful feedback that enhanced and deepened the conversation?
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