BIO111 case Design a Simple Thematic Investigation on Biological Topics of your Choice Deadline, biology homework help

Design a Simple Thematic Investigation on Biological Topics of your Choice Deadline June 16 (Dropbox) Please note: This Thematic Investigation has been designed to enhance your critical thinking through developing questions, seeking accurate answers for the questions, and finally backing up your answers with evidence. Copy and save this offsite lab file as Thematic Investigation in your computer. Read and understand the nature of the questions below. Then read and understand the example given. Once you have completed this assignment save the file and upload into Dropbox in D2L. Please continue reading below. To upload your File to the Dropbox Folder: • While on the course website front page, click on Dropbox (on the navigation bar), • On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the folder that you want to submit to (Thematic Investigation). • Click Add a File box • Browse for and select the file you want to upload • Click Upload • Click Submit Nature of the Question: In this assignment you will develop 9 questions (starting from number 2, below) addressing 9 concepts or topics (e.g. cellular respiration, photosynthesis, learned behavior,……) in biology. You can choose your textbook or credible sources to develop the questions. Pay attention to the continuity, flow, and relatedness of questions, answers, and evidence in the format. For each question developed you will give one complete answer. For the answer to that question you will provide evidence. For the evidence you will give a reference. See the example I have provided below. Example:: Here is an example below addressing one question, giving an answer to the question, giving an evidence to support the answer, and finally providing a reference I got this information from. Read the example, and think about developing 9 more questions, answers, evidence, and references about different topics of your choice in biology . Maximum charge for this exercise is 20 points. 1: • Question: What in human sperm or egg holds the genetic/hereditary instruction? • Answer: The genetic material or hereditary instruction is located in the nucleus in sperm or egg. There are twenty- three chromosomes (haploid number) in sperm or egg made up of DNA molecules that hold the genetic/hereditary instruction. • Evidence: In humans and during fertilization, sperm delivers its 23 chromosomes to an egg cell (also containing 23 chromosomes) to form a zygote. Based on the genetic instruction the zygote develops into an embryo and then a fetus and finally a child. The child has inherited his/her genetic instruction from the parents through their sperm and egg chromosomes. • Reference: Could be your Text, a scientific journal, or a credible Internet source.

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