Behavioral Therapies Scenario: Jane was diagnosed with ob…

Behavioral Therapies Scenario: Jane was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive behavior. In order to help her cope with one of her symptoms that is impacting daily functioning, Jane’s therapist utilizes behavior therapy to decrease the frequency of Jane’s returning to the kitchen to check if the stove is on several times before she is able to leave her home in the morning. Analyze the given scenario and answer the following: How might the therapist employ systematic desensitization? How would aversion therapy be implemented in this scenario? Submission Requirements: Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications: Font: Arial, Size: 12 point Line Spacing: Double Length: 300 words Evaluation Criteria: Your submission will be evaluated against the following criteria using the analysis rubric: Did you describe how systematic desensitization could be applied to the scenario? Did you describe how aversion therapy could be applied to the scenario? Does your assignment meet the minimum word requirement (300 words)?

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