Assignment 6.1: Advocacy Action Plan Part III: Final Submission

This assignment is the third part of a three-part advocacy action planning assignment you will complete across the duration of this course.  This series of assignments is a major part of your grade.  In Assignment 3.2, you identified a public health issue and organization that you cared about (PASSION) and identified an idea for your action plan (PURPOSE). In Assignment 4.1, you conducted a PEST Analysis.  Now you will  organize and synthesize your previous work in order to create your final Advocacy Action Plan.  Be sure to review the grading rubric so that you are aware of how you will be graded.Your advocacy action plan will consist of five steps. In order to do this, you will need to answer the following questions:What issue are you planning to advocate for?What organization do you plan to select to propose this action plan to?Why is there a need for change?  What is wrong with the present service or process?What are the existing strengths and weaknesses?  (You can apply the knowledge you gained in your SWOT analysis assignment here!)What are the potential gains, losses or risks of change?Who will be affected?How much will your proposed change cost?What is likely to happen if no action is taken?A template is provided for you that takes you through each of the questions above in a step-by-step manner.  It is critical that you review the University of Kansas Community Tool Boxreading on action planning (Links to an external site.)prior to starting on this assignment.  If you have not reviewed that material, take a pause here and read.  Then, you will be better prepared to complete the template below!Now that you have answered these questions, it is time to complete your action plan!  The five steps below are listed in the attached template and will help you organize your final written document:Step #1:  Identify your WHAT, YOUR WHY and the ORGANIZATION you plan to propose the advocacy action plan toOverview (Brief summary of the project/plan)Roadmap (What you plan to do and how you plan to roll out your plan)Title slide: name of project, your name, course name and number, dateStep #2:  Compelling Idea/Story (i.e., Your “WHY”)What:  What is the issue you are trying to change or impact?So What? Why do you care?  Why should your viewer/audience care?Step #3: Now What?  Your Advocacy Action PlanMission/VisionGoals/ObjectivesProgram ActivitiesStep #4: Resources and Potential Partners/FundersEvaluation (How you will prove that you did what you said you would do)Step #5 Conclusion/Call to Action

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