Assignment 4 PS

When  a traffic camera is installed in a designated community, drivers who  operate in that neighborhood where traffic cameras are deployed and  proven to successfully limit alarming rate of traffic accidents and  wrongful death, must be willing to accept, comply and obey the role.Countermeasures  are the key components of physical security operations. Associated  steps to execute countermeasures in at-risk facility must include  vulnerability assessment, risk management and advantages. Likely counter  security instrument against intruders must include factors such as risk  management and submitting accurate results, measurable policies and  procedures to assist in the process.VULNERABILITYVulnerability  is the weakness in any organization, which often leads to  cyber-attacks, cyber-threats, unbending risk, data damages, interruption  of vital communication channels. Data damages often occur when hardware  and software are attacked by malicious cyber-criminals, or when  unauthorized users gain access to the data command center and disclose  the confidential information such as logon name and password.A  vulnerability assessment is a direct responsibility of individuals,  private and public organizations to identify advantages and  disadvantages.A  vulnerability creates more than enough opening for organizations to  accept the likelihood of unforeseeable circumstances and formulate  solutions to remedy any projected impasse relative to vulnerabilityEffective  security process must contain assortment of physical security items  such as electronic security, trained personnel with assigned security  privileges, active security policies and procedures, structured fence  around the facility, security officers on patrol, exterior lighting,  steel doors, high-quality mechanical locks, an intrusion detection  system, and video surveillance to detect intruders;Provide comprehensive narrative on advantages and disadvantages of vulnerability?Advantages  and disadvantages are considered determined factors for affordable,  feasible, and practical measures while countermeasures are added values  to reduce and eliminate the deficiencies such as  hardware (fencing and  locks), software (electronic access control), and people (security  officers and employees) recognized in the vulnerability assessment  process.minimum of 350 words required.

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