American University of Armenia Statistics of Medical Errors in The US Paper

“To err is human” reported approximately 44,000-98,000 patient deaths due to medical errors in 1992. The latest statistic of medical errors (approximately 440,000 avoidable deaths) makes it one of the top reasons for mortality in the United States. These statistics have prompted the health care industry in the United States to adopt various methodologies, measures and tools of patient improvement and safety. Of these tools, technology is one of them. Robotics, data analytics, use of videos are a few examples.

Write a short essay (1-2 pages single spaced 12 Font) that highlights how technology can be leveraged in improving patient safety and reducing medical errors in hospitals in the United States.

  • Provide statistics of medical errors in the US (both current and historical). Comment on the trends. Have these errors been on a rise? [1 Points]
  • What are some of the specific examples of the use of technology in reducing medical error and improving patient safety. [2 Points]
  • The movie discusses and draws parallels of the health care industry with aviation industry that has comparable safety standards for its consumers and has used technology to make planes safe and create trust in its users. In your opinion, what are some of the lessons we could draw in the health care industry? [1 Point]
  • Organizations like the The Leapfrog Group/Hospital Compare provide comparative performances data’ of hospitals and their metrics on patient safety. Comment on the availability of such aggregated data and its usability in improving patient safety. (Links to an external site.). [2 Points]
  • By providing a few examples of other developed countries, how does the US compare on its metrics of patient safety and medical errors? [1.5 Points]

In conclusion, provide your own thoughts. Did you enjoy the documentary? In a few sentences, mention what you learnt from this movie and the panel participants. Did you agree with their views? Disagree? [2.5 Points]

You will be evaluated on

  • Content ,
  • Synthesis of the content in a succinct manner
  • Grammatically correct writing
  • Your ideas
  • Reflection on the views of panelists
  • Providing at least 2-3 references from peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Citation in APA style

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