Adair, John. Decision Making & Problem Solving. Korgan Page. 2013. Print. Adair has published…

Adair, John. Decision Making & Problem Solving. Korgan Page. 2013. Print.

Adair has published about 30 books on leadership and leadership development. He is currently a national and international adviser on leadership development. In this book he writes about how to apply effective decision-making, generating ideas, and thinking skills. He goes into detail every chapter on each topic. Providing graphs, figures, and even problem solving games to keep the mind active. I chose this book for the Principle of Decision Making concept. The book provides good in-depth strategies to make decisions. It would be a good source to find tips and information on how to use your mind wisely while making decisions and how to deal with the decisions you make. Buchanan, Leah; O’Connell Andrew. “A Brief History of Decision Making.” Harvard Business Publishing. Harvard Business Review Mag., Jan. 2006. Web. 28 Sept. 2013. Buchanan & O’Connell give an overview of the history of decision-making. They reference professors, authors, and philosophers in the article. They believe in order to make good choices you must calculate and manage attendant risks. Focusing on risk being the inevitable focal point of decisions. They also go over numeric system methods that have been used to calculate risks. Risk has been viewed as a number game. This source is good to read a quick overview of decision-making. The article focuses a lot on Risk, and I believe that is an important aspect of each decision being made.  

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