According to psychoanalytic theory

Directions: Respond to the following questions using complete sentences. Your answer should be at least 1 paragraph in length, which must be composed of three to five sentences. hat are the psychic phenomena that develop during the stages of psychosexual development? According to psychoanalytic theory, how is crime related to the superego? How do learning theory and behaviorism explain criminal behavior? How does psychoanalytic theory explain criminal behavior? Why is reality therapy popular on probation and parole? Why can group work be more effective than one-to-one counseling or casework? How does Merton’s theory of anomie explain criminal behavior? How does Sutherland’s theory of differential association explain the transmission of criminal behavior? How do the subcultural theorists Albert Cohen and Walter Miller explain criminal behavior? What do Sykes and Matza mean by techniques of neutralization? What is meant by the retreatist subculture? What does Matza mean when he says delinquents drift? How does the social caseworker provide ego support? How can the social work concept of a “right to self-determination” conflict with a probation or parole officer’s agency responsibilities? With respect to the client-worker relationship, how does social casework differ from reality therapy? What is meant by motivational interviewing? Why is behavior modification so difficult to apply for probation and parole? What are the advantages of group work over the more traditional one-to-one treatment methods? What is cognitive learning skills training? What are the criticisms of behavior modification? What is the relationship between criminal behavior and labeling? How does conflict theory explain criminal behavior? How does control theory explain criminal behavior? Show that you understand the relationship between probation or parole officer roles and agency models by matching them in a relevant manner. Explain the broker/advocate role of a probation or parole officer. Compare and contrast the control model agency and the social service model agency. What are the arguments for and against probation and parole officers making arrests and routinely carrying firearms? Why are law enforcement responsibilities for probation and parole officers controversial? What are the four volunteer service models? Why are some P/P agencies and staff members critical of the use of volunteers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using volunteers in probation and parole? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three ways of appointing probation and parole officers? With respect to the P/P officer powers of search and seizure, what has the Supreme Court ruled?

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