ABC Pty Ltd is a start-up tech company (the ‘Company’) based in Sydney Australia…. 1 answer below »

ABC Pty Ltd is a start-up tech company (the ‘Company’) based in Sydney Australia. They are currently

seeking to develop a mobile app or a web application (collectively called an ‘app’), which provide ondemand trades & handyman services to their customers. The objective of the app is to connect

tradesmen and customers. ABC envisioned that this app will provide a strong revenue stream to the

company and other business opportunities from a wide handyman network.

The founder of the Company has envisaged an app that enable customers to find trustworthy

tradesmen to get the job done; it is also a platform for tradespersons to find jobs and earn an extra

income stream. Typical jobs posted on the platform should include home cleaning, heating and cooling

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system services, gardening, airport pick up & delivery, IKEA furniture assembly, garbage removal,

plumbing, and other tradesmen & handyman jobs. The founder also provided the following very highlevel and rough ideas for the app:

For customers, they can post job(s) on the app, browse through tradespersons’ profile, and contact

them through the in-app instant messenger.

For tradespersons, they can put up a profile on the app, browse through jobs available, and contact

customers through the in-app instance messenger.

Once the job is completed, payment can be made securely through the app. The customer will also

have the opportunity to rate and review the tradesperson.

ABC wants to push this app to the market in the next six months and have secured an investment for

this app.

ABC has engaged you (i.e. a group of you) as the requirements analyst in this project.


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