a 1500 word essay about the cost and benefit of olympic game(need do some reading)

some people said that the costs of olympic game are much higher than its benefits. What do you think? please read the material and write a 1500 words essay (need in text reference/Similarity lower than 15%)Content – 5 marks:·          Two sides discussed·          A balanced discussion·          Use of the students’ own ideas plus evidence from research·          Cohesion between ideas·          Answers the questionStructure – 5 marks:·          A clear introduction, giving general statements, an indication that this is a discussion essay and an outline of the main points to be mentioned in the text.·          Clear paragraph structure, topic sentences, supporting sentences, ONE idea, ONE paragraph,·          Conclusion, summarising main points, no new information, a decision about which side of the discussion is strongest, possible recommendations based on the evidence.Grammar  – 5 marks:·          Grammatical range and accuracy·          Appropriate tense used·          Connectives between ideas, paragraphs, eg, adding, contrasting, showing consequence·          Use of modality·          Spelling and punctuation·         Meaning is clearAcademic Style and language – 5 marks:·          Accurate referencing; use of in text references, reference list, correct formatting of both and matching references in reference list·          Minimum of 5 sources·          Effective paraphrasing, no plagiarism·          Use of academic language, no contractions or colloquial language·          No first or second person pronouns

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