5.3 Discussion: Group Dynamics You will post a response t…

5.3 Discussion: Group Dynamics You will post a response to the discussion question and reply to two of your peers’ responses. DQ: Take a position on a topic related to this module. Briefly discuss why you selected this issue. Discuss why you agree or disagree. You may address specific issues or apply the principals involved in the issue. The implications to organizational behavior. Prepare a concise summary of the topic and recent reference articles, including citations (recent articles are no more than two years old). Position of the author – state the position of the author of the articles that you selected that relate to your issue. Using critical thinking skills, analyze the articles, including a discussion of the areas in which you agree and/or disagree. Discuss the relation of the articles to the module, including the text citation. Key contribution to managing and organizational effectiveness – identify and discuss the contribution this topic/issue and articles make to the field of organizational development.

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