4 questions in biology

Complete the questions below. Be sure to read the entire question. This should be your own work—not someone else’s.

  1. In gerbils, spotted pattern is dominant over non-spotted pattern. If a spotted male gerbil who is heterozygous is crossed with a non-spotted female gerbil, will any of their offspring have spots? If so, what percent? [Square = 1 pts, % = 1 pt]

  1. In humans, hemophilia is a sex-linked trait. A man with hemophilia marries a woman without hemophilia. Could any of their children have the disorder? [Hint: This will require TWO punnett squares; Squares = 2 pts, Percent Chances = 2 pts]

  1. Change the following DNA strand into amino acids using the chart from your notes. [2 pt]




Amino Acid: _______ + _______ + _______ + _______ + _______

  1. Why are x-linked traits significantly more common in men than in women? [2 pts]

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