3 Physics Questions

1) A gas is contained in a cubic box whose sides are 3m long. If the gas is initially at 80 K, and it is heated up to 320 K at constant volume, and the initial pressure is 0.5 atmosphere. What is the final pressure?

Multiple Choice 

A) 1 atmosphere


2) A window of a car is found to be covered with 1.3cm of ice. If the area of the window is 1 m2, and the ice is at -12 degrees Celsius, what is the minimum heat required to melt all the ice? Take the density of ice to be 900 kg/m3, the specific heat capacity of ice to be 0.5 cal/g*K, and the latent heat of fusion to be 80 cal/g. Answer in kcal.

Non multiple Choice 

3) What is the final temperature when 100 g of iron at 90 degrees Celsius is placed in 400 g of water at 25 degrees Celsius? The specific heat capacity of iron 0.45 J/g*K and the specific heat capacity of water is 4.184 J/g*K.


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