2 pages Articles Literature​ Review

Childhood Food Insecurity

Find examples of interventions/programs of at least 2 different types or two different levels of the SEM (Sociological Modal) that are relevant to your topic area (my topic is Childhood Food Insecurity), and summarize them in literature review style.

Make sure to use in-text citations and provide a “works cited” list in APA format.

By 2 different types I mean, for example, to find an article describing a education oriented intervention, and another that focuses on PSEs (Policy System Environment). Or, a social marketing intervention and a campaign focused on increasing awareness. By different levels, I mean, that target the individual or target the community or one of the other levels from the Socioecological Model.

These may be the same articles you included in your grid written up more formally, or they may be new articles that you will find that are more directly relevant to where your group has decided to go. Find examples that are as closely relevant to your project as you can.

You can use the attached articles list or you can find any articles you like

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