2 page Public Health “Traditional and Syndromic Surveillance”

Due 6/17/18 4 p.m EST2 PGS APA Not including  reference page (min 4)PUBLIC HEALTHInformation drives a public health official’s ability to predict disease outbreaks and trends. Increasingly, emerging natural and man-made threats are making the need for timely, accurate, and reliable information more urgent. As discussed previously, valuable information comes from a variety of data sources. A critical task for public health professionals is determining what might be considered “actionable intelligence”—how to gather it, how to validate it, and how to make sense of it.To complete this portion of your Scholar-Practitioner Project, write a 2-page paper analyzing the practical ramifications of identifying, collecting, validating, and analyzing data for syndromic surveillance. Compare your analysis to traditional disease surveillance.

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