10 slide powerpoint health care


For this assignment, you will reflect on various concepts of this course and provide a brief discussion on your most and least favorite concepts. You will need to make a 10-slide PowerPoint that contains the following:
Slide 1: Provide an introduction with presentation title and your name.
Slide 2: In your own words, discuss four of the basic accounting concepts.
Slide 3: Make a scenario in which you are required to calculate NPV and IRR; solve your scenario.
Slide 4: In your own words, discuss the history of Medicare and Medicaid.
Slide 5: Discuss diagnostic-related groups, medical coding, and the revenue cycle.
Slide 6: List and describe the seven most important areas of the revenue cycle.
Slide 7: Briefly discuss four responsibilities of the accounting and finance department.
Slide 8: List the cost containment efforts available to health organizations.
Slide 9: Briefly discuss your favorite concept and least favorite concept, providing a narrative as to why you liked or disliked each. Additionally, discuss the assessment/unit that covered that concept.
Slide 10: Conclude the presentation with a reference slide in APA format.

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