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Discussion: What Rock Would You Be?

Over time, rocks transform from one type to another through the geological processes that occur on Earth. Consider this fact as you read and respond to this lesson’s discussion prompts.

  • Imagine that you are a rock. What type of rock would you be and where would you be located—for example, would you be deep within the Earth or on the surface?
  • What were you like before you became the rock you are now and what type of rock will you be in the future?
  • Be sure to describe the processes involved in the changes you have gone through to get to where you are now, as well as the changes you will undergo as you change your rock type again.

Look at Tyler’s post:

I am a piece of a sedimentary rock sitting here in the crust. I used to be a magnificent metamorphic rock, but over time, I was weathered down to small pieces by the wind. I became sediment and then was covered by other sediments. In time, I was cemented together with these sediments as they pushed against me with more and more pressure. As the rocks continue to pile on top of me, I will get pushed further underground.Eventually, I will melt and become igneous rock. I know this because it has happened before. It’s all part of the rock cycle.

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