1. A public accounting firm requires the following activities for an audit. Immediate Activity Activ

1. A public accounting firm requires the following activities for an audit.

                                                            Immediate                                Activity

Activity Predecessor                             Time

A                                                         —                                             3

B                                                         A                                             2

C                                                         —                                             5

D                                                         B, C                                         2

E                                                          A                                             4

F                                                          B, C                                         6

G                                                         E, D                                         5

1.Draw a network for the project.

2. What are the critical paths?

3. What is the project completion time?

2. The following activities are required in starting up a plant:

                                                Immediate                                Activity

Activity                                   Predecessor                             Time

A                                             —                                             3

B                                             —                                             2

C                                             A                                             2

D                                             B                                             5

E                                              B                                             4

F                                              C, D                                        2

G                                             E, C, D                                    3

1. Draw a network for the project.

2. What are the critical paths?

3. What is the completion time?

3. A plant start-up is based on the following network:

Immediate                                Activity

Activity                                               Predecessor                             Time

A                                                         —                                             4

B                                                         —                                             8

C                                                         —                                             3

D                                                         A                                             3

E                                                          A                                             6

F                                                          C                                             5

G                                                         B, D                                        6

1. Draw a network for this project.

2. Identify the critical path.

3. What is the project completion time?

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