​Bioethics Discussion Question

Discussion Question:(no word limit)

Should there be a great concern to know the difference between Science vs. Pseudoscience?

Areas to be addressed in your posts:

– Make sure your information is accurate

– Post relevant to the topic

– Add in an example of each to enhance your concern

In addition, I need response following discussion:

I believe that there should be a great concern of knowing the difference between Science and Pseudoscience. Until now, I have never heard of the term “Pseudoscience.” Science is theory that could be verified by facts, tests, or experiments. Some examples could be measuring the about of carbs in a meal, making fuel more efficient, or testing a new cancer treating medication. I can wrap my head around spending billions of dollars on Science, but I do not understand how billions of dollars are spent on Pseudoscience. After researching I found that some examples of Pseudoscience are philosophy and astrology because they do not use scientific method, and it involves opinion and beliefs.

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