​Arguing Climate Change is Real, environmental science homework help

Arguing Climate Change is Real

Climate change is a controversial topic, but one scientists clearly have plenty of data to prove. If there is so much data, why are there still critics of climate change? Search the Internet for one argument that climate change is not occurring – one that has not been posted by your classmates in the discussion. Clearly state the argument against in one sentence at the top of your post and make it bold so your classmates can find it easily. Below that describe the reasons for the argument against climate change, then present your argument for why climate change is real and what is wrong with the argument against it. Write this as if you were writing to the critic of climate change trying to change his mind. What approach would you take?


In your responses to your peers, have some fun! You could help add extra arguments for why the argument against climate change is wrong. You could present an opposing view to your classmate’s argument that climate change is real. You could also discuss the way arguments are presented. How can we reach those who think climate change is not real? What would help them change their mind? It would probably be something substantial.

Should be 250-500 words

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